Lucio de Majo on unconventional design


Lucio de Majo, President of DE MAJO, on how Levante rewrites rules within emotional design.

Not even the most inattentive observer can ignore the stylish refinement of this chandelier.

Elegantly original leaves and flowers harmoniously adorn the crown placed above the lower tier whose arms are hung with delicate charms. The larger and smaller decorative end pieces complete the whole, enclosed in a perfect space that is evocative of well-balanced splendour.

The master’s stroke is almost more in line with his poetic leanings than with the great traits he possesses. And this inspires his delicacy and vocation in interpreting and enlivening the genius portrayed in a concept-designed, suspended lamp that is totally “Orient and Venice”, true to its origins, even though tempted by modern technology.

The clear Murano crystal mutes its brightness in ash-grey decorations, almost as if wishing to recall and pay tribute to the utterly precious raw material used for blowing glass and which, until the XVIIIth century, could only be obtained from the combustion of certain species of coastal plants found in Egypt and principally in Syria, and which was called “catino” alum.