Il Design, News 2015

  • 07.31.2015

    Illuminating summer holidays

    de Majo closes for summer holidays from August 10th till 21th included.

    Have a great summer break!

  • 05.29.2015

    Simply beautiful

    With “Roseto” and “Prodigio”, the classical design of the iconic “rezzonico” chandelier is audaciously revolutionised, even though managing to preserve an elegant balance which, almost as if it were a challenge, belies the design’s eloquent asymmetry.

  • 05.22.2015

    de Majo's lighting glass inspires next lighting creations

    We feel so honoured that we have been given the opportunity to inspire next lighting glass creations.

    A special thanks to Studio Marco Piva, Excelsior Hotel Gallia and de Majo team for making this possible.

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