Know the Bride


Nicola Grandesso about the Bride chandelier:

“The most beautiful day in life… Many women spend their lifetimes dreaming about their wedding day and it’s a dream of every women to wear a designer dress on that very special day. One of the grandest parts of any wedding ceremony is when the bridal party make its entrance. The air is full of anticipation, and the groom anxiously awaits his first glimpse of his bride in her wedding dress. The bride remains the beautiful focal point and the center of the attention. With Bride chandelier, I tried the give this kind of importance to a chandelier for DE MAJO, which is not a substitute for a bride of course, but exactly as the bride, able to catch the eye without dressing ostentation and extravagance, still being able to stand out of the crowd in a satured niche.” 

Bride is a collection of chandeliers and wall lamps in clear glass with gold leafs and glossy black satin cockades and gold structure.

Handmade Murano glass. Customizable dimensions, colours and number of lights.