i Battuti - new collection by de Majo


Vibrating glass  - a homage to the icons abounding in timeless elegance.

Glass craving is a glass crafting process that from the second half of the twentieth century, has been of enormous significance to Murano, above all in the artistic field.

It is owing to the undisputed genius of Carlo Scarpa who re-interprets the nineteenth century type of processing seen in some French workmanship and to his intuition that Murano glass can express “vibrations” through “cold” processing, able to exalt a materic perception, nevertheless with a wealth of handcrafting skills and the human touch.

By re-visiting this technique, which demands skill and precision worthy of a goldsmith engraver, our intention was to pay homage to some of our icons, many created in those years of creative fervour, and that unchangingly preserve the fascination of that époque’s modernity made of experiences and subtle affectations, inconspicuous, but abounding in timeless elegance.

Two types of glass cutting are generally considered: the classical type and the known as honeycomb cutting; above all, the diversity is perceived in relation to the “hand” that crafted it. True cutting is uniform, even though revealing the irregularities of handcrafting, it is continuous and precise, but allows lighter/darker shadings.

The one we are taking into consideration in the honeycomb type: vaguely recalling a beehive which, despite its geometrical suggestiveness, never relinquishes the charm of unrepeatable uniqueness that only the craftsman’s hand is able to confer.