DIVAS Collection - the icons of Milan tradeshow 2013


This iconic collection is prompted by a desire to re-propose one of the classics of Murano glass icons, the one that lends a wealth of charm to any furniture and design solution.

An iconic collection, refering to lamps unexpleinably neglected over the last decades on the wave of an increasingly frenetic and harried society. Perhaps it's precisely because of this that once again a need is being felt for those moments of serene enjoyment: relax in the favourite armchair and read a good book while having a glass of cognac or just having an agreable conversation with a close friend or family in the aura provided by the suffused, soft and discrete glow emanating from these type of table lamps - able as they are to re-create an intimate and familiar dimension for us.

Being indubitably iconic, we wanted to dedicate this collection to the DIVAS of the italian cinema. The so-called Seventh Art is the absolut protagonist of the rebirth of a country seeking to restore self-esteem and to re-discover beauty. The golden and charismatic world of Italian cinema, second only to Hollywood's, has prompted the dreams of entire generations, providing new vigour to this art, where women protagonists have known how to embody human passions as very few others have done.

And so, almost as a countermelody, these lamps offer themselves to our gaze with their beautiful, sinuous and intriguing shapes; when switched on, the glow pratically becomes a projector, panning their mythical figures in front of us, creating a soothing ambiance in which to abbandon ourselves, closing our eyes in the comforting warmth of our home.