DE MAJO presents Peroni Memory Special Edition (1961-2011)


Peroni and Memory were designed half a century ago. These two suspension maps were to become an icon of the Company in the following decades, and are still today some of the most popular products with international customers.

Back then, a great, enlightened designer of the likes of Ezio Rizzetto worked for the Company and probably played a crucial role in their development. The final outcome of the project however was the result of a collective effort, the fruit of a stimulating environment where creative exchange unleashed great insight, which is still very much relevant today.

We believe that very few products in the lighting industry have remained so popular for such a long time as these two lamps.

We therefore decided to offer a special edition to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary. Both the “design” and the “material” were reappraised in the search for something that, with fully reflecting the history of the two lamps, would highlight their further potential and add value in terms of craftsmanship and new appeal.