DE MAJO for Art: Loving Italy


DE MAJO for Art discovers an important chapter of intimate vocation toward the Art: the majestic ensemble of Villa Manin.

Located in Passariano in the province of Udine, this Villa is one of the most important monuments of artistic and historic heritage of Italy.

The life of Villa Manin has always been closely linked to the local historical and political events:  the last Doge’s residence and Napoleon Bonaparte’s general headquarter.

Following the rules of environmental harmonization, the Villa blends in perfectly with the surrounding landscape. Richly-frescoed rooms, masterly blended stuccos and sculptures, tempera paintings of great artistic value were painted and created by some the most widely sought-after artist of the time like Louis Dorigny, Domenico Rossi, Giuseppe Torretti e Francesco Fontebasso.

An integral part of the monumental complex is a pleasant entrance hall and the central saloon – the splendid venue for historical events and meetings. The exquisite grand chandeliers that light up the entire ground floor are made of Murano glass. Just recently those authentic chandeliers demanded a major restoration.
The artistic and cultural value of the chandeliers realized in 17 th and 18 th century required higly specialized skills and a  meticulous study of the state of individual elements, the reconsctruction of the damaged ones and faithful reconstruction of the broken ones. The final result is a homogeneous and surprising!

Thanks to the extraordinary experience of DE MAJO, heir and guardian of the ancient handcrafting Murano glass techniques, it was possible to perform the cleaning and refurbishment of mechanical parts and a total retrofit of the electrical equipment of the massive bronze chandelier which adorns one of the rooms of the Villa.

The original “Rezzonico” chandelier from 1700 has been faithfully reconstructed in all its details and especially its numerous polychrome flowers.

The chandelier in the Central Hall reqired, however, the major restoration not only due to the dimensions of the chandelier itself (height 390 cm, diameter 180 cm) but especially for the amount of glass parts replaced for an extremely smooth final effect. An challenging design work and numbering of each element in order to faithfully repair each single element - the underlying theme of whole restoration  process.

The remaking of the central part and the replacement of the electrical system have completed the work of designers and skilled DE MAJO’s glassmakers. The final treat were the design and manufacture of wall lamps in order to accompany the central chandelier.

Villa Manin shines today also thanks to DE MAJO’s collection of Venetian traditional models made of Murano glass as 7061, 7062 and 9050. The rooms are also enlightened by some DE MAJO’s chandeliers  as the wonderful 8000 which is one of  today’s protagonists of the reinterpretation of the classic Venetian style.

Today, Summer in Villa Manin is one of the most important events the national and international cultural circuit. The Summer in Villa is planned for different types of audience and, satisfying also the most demanding and refined one.
Numerous exhibitions, events, shows and conferences allow citizens and tourists to enjoy the spectacles offered in a unique setting, but also to discover new spaces and new artists.

Carlo Goldoni described the Villa and it’s majestic Park as "stay worthy of the King ". The amazement that causes remained intact until the nowadays. We are proud to have made ​​our contribution.