Christmust goes for DE MAJO


Christmust 2012  - DE MAJO as a part of business realities that make the difference

The prestigious book collects and chronicles the extraordinary 100 best parctices of the Italian way of telling aesthetic, formal and material qualities.

The outstanding quality of those companies who have made an economy of taste, rich of aesthetic sensibility and distinctive features to highlight a reference model completely made ​​in Italy.
Stories of people, companies, products that have attracted the whole world by identifying Italy not only with beauty but with research, experience and hard work: the elements to the essence of a story to tell.

The DE MAJO is proud to be part of the 100 stories to tell through an exceptional protagonist: Tetra.

Tetra is a chandelier in black glass with grey-coloured arms and frame in black chrome. The geometric shape that is easiest to develop is the circle. To this end is enough to determine the centre and the radius to obtain a perfectly circular shape. In this sense the Murano chandelier is only “rotation” of a “radius”, or an arm of the chandelier to obtain a circle.

By symmetrically lengthening some arms oval shapes can be obtained. “With the Tetra chandelier we wanted to put to the test a concept that reminds us to the mythical idea of the quadrature of the cylinder that ancient peoples had already shown to be possible to determine” – explains the architect Roberto Assenza. He, together with Francesco Dei Rossi, signed the concept of Tetra and ads: “In a much more banal way, almost a divertissement, we thought to realise a traditional Murano chandelier but not in a “banon” circular form, rather as a quadrate. That is where the name comes from: we eliminated the more correct “Tetragon” and instead opted for “tetra”, which indicates the defining four sides”. Four is also the number that generates the various models:4-lights, 8, 12 and 16. Always multiple of the number four.

An extraordinary example of the reinterpretation of the classic Venetian chandelier with a contemporary mood, Tetra is designed to satisfy a variety of interior design styles: from minimal to elegant. A story of innovation and success that continues to make Italy an incomparable country.

With the 2012 edition Christmust wanted to dedicate particular attention to the theme of sustainability and embrace the philosophy by using the brand new papers made from agro-alimentary processing by-products (citrus, kiwi, maize, coffee, olives, hazelnuts and almonds). Also the Christmust bag is not only the simple packaging but a real eco-sustainable bag entirely made from regenerated leather.

The Christmust selection 2012 is organized by: Simona Lombardi, Danilo Premoli, Gianluca Vassalli and Jacopo Morelli, the book is published by Ali SpA - Agency for Employment, www.alispa.it.
The publication promotes the Italian Way as a process of design and quality, and collects 100 stories / most innovative products of the year, with the intent to support the Italian excellence. www.christmust.com