The Cleopatra Luxury Resort

Roveto Ardente is inspired by a theme powerfully evocative theme: an episode of the Burning Bush  (Roveto Ardente) not consumed, and appeared to Moses, as told in the Book of Exodus; the manifestation of the divine through the fire and light. We wanted to make a chandelier- symbol to celebrate the sixty years since the founding of DE MAJO, and it seemed exciting attempt to translate the language of the canons of traditional Murano glass making this theme.
The color of Murano glass expresses the intrinsic beauty. This has been determined to make the most of the idea of ​​a bush that burns, so the range of colors ranging from green to red base, orange, yellow, growing in a color that only the wisdom of the Masters of Murano can make.
And then the gold: the chandelier is lavished in gold, the only metal similar to light, incorruptible, and explodes in 704 curls around to 128 points of light, sparks of a transfigured light.