Winter Breeze Collection 2013


“Once again, Francesco Dei Rossi and Roberto Assenza have demonstrated their prowess in capturing the sparkling ductility of Murano glass to deliver a new collection of light fittings in which the rather icy theme of crystal-clear “swirls” dissolves in an almost passionate atmosphere that is the result of an abundance of elements that seem to chase each other to then be enfolded in a joyous embrace”, confirmed Lucio de Majo, the chairman.

The collection is conceived as a sort of a winter journey. A jump in a brilliant and mysterious winter. A research proposal on the origin of crystalline material and its deepest sense. Its many facets, expressions and forms. It is a journey into the world of glass, the amazing Murano glass -  so poignant and fascinating, passionate and indecipherable.

This is “Winter breeze”, generating brightness that overflows with the purity that is the source of inspiration for these light fittings, in which the icy feeling is immediately thawed by the sense of heat emanating from the furnace and from the passion of the designers that conceived and skilfully created them.”

The new collection will be previewed along with other novelties at Euroluce 2013.