Some people feel the rain


Inspiring the designer is a picturesque and dreamy Paris, enveloped in its warm and passionate summer, surprised by the unexpected ephemeral spattering of light rain usual to the season.

Just so, fresh and romantic, the mid-summer rain is perfectly interpreted by “Goutte”. That delicate and soft rain with its thousands of shadings, at times surprising and distracting, but also able to win a smile – we all have a tale to tell, set against the background of a mid-summer’s rain.

“It was a late-June afternoon and I happened to be in Paris: I remember the sun being already low on the horizon when, suddenly, it began to rain. I took shelter in a coffee bar, ordering a cappuccino. To tell the truth, I had for some time been mulling over the idea of designing a new chandelier. The sight of that sunlight filtering through the raindrops absolutely fired my imagination: I wanted to freeze them in that instant, capture them.“ -  Nicola Grandesso recounted.

This chandelier is dedicated to dreamers, to all those that let themselves be carried away by the infinite romantic suggestiveness of mid-summer rain. “Goutte” is in fact totally covered by a cascade of crystal drops in three different sizes, an absolute symphony composed of 350 drops.

“The nuance typical of cappuccino was studied at length, until the shade I had in mind was finally reached” - explained Nicola Grandesso.

“Goutte” is not a classical chandelier per-se, but is part of the DE MAJO great classics.