New 2012 DE MAJO product catalog


A lot of new products characterized by sleek design that combines technological innovation and respects the environment. Several ideas to illuminate an Italian lifestyle.

Designed for lovers of design and professionals, the new catalog contains a vast range of DE MAJO products declined in two lines: Contemporary and Traditional. The collection offers a complete presentation with updated content, new illustrations and detailed product information.

Indeed many new products of Contemporary and Traditional line have already scored an extraordinary success since their premiere presentation at Euroluce. How not to mention the wavy lines of Marinella, the versatility of chic Boa or the mystical nature of Stratosfera. And then the elegance of futuristic and sculptural Bilbao, the sophistication of Park-our first outdoor lamp whose unique feature also makes it a practical bench, and finally the playful and funny Uno that emit all the positive energy of colors in more than 20 shades.

Lots of novelties to share regarding the new catalog as the extraordinary and already beloved Cannettata designed by the worldwide famous designer Massimo Iosa Ghini. Already winner of the oldest and most coveted award in the field of design: Good Design 2011, represents the perfect union between technology and sophisticated design.

We believe that very few products can boast a contemporary design and not subject to fads. In that case we highlight the new ceiling lamp Poli Pò Total White: a review of the legendary lamp and winner of numerous awards including The lamp of the year whose timeless design makes it still one of the indisputable protagonists of international lighting scenario.

The extraordinary vitality of Memory and Peroni, two iconic lamps that have recently celebrated 50 years, confirms in better shape than ever- witness the Special Edition in their honor.

Leafing through the new catalog you will notice an expanded line of spotlights signed DE-MAJO result of research and rigorous style that has always characterized our world of values design oriented.

There would be so many news to tell... We conclude by reserving a special place to our new traditional chandeliers- an expression of unique and unparalleled elegance. Witnesses of timeless elegance: Madrigalesco, Il mondo della Luna, L’Estro armonico, 8080 and 8090 - encapsulate the unique artistic expressions of Murano glassmakers that the world envies us. Finally, we point out a review of the traditional Murano art glass chandelier in a contemporary elegance that the Natural plays masterfully.

We stop here, warmly inviting you to discover all the news of lighting glass DE MAJO.

Dedicated to lovers of Light, the new catalog DE MAJO is available online and may be downloaded directly from the home page.