Classic, yet contemporary. Sumptuous and at the same time refined.

The latest design & décor innovation by de Majo aims to enclose the spirit and the refined taste of its owners. The new Mademoiselle table is made entirely by hand in fine Murano glass and the finest silk in order to enhance the fascinating and charismatic interiors that celebrate the timeless elegance.

“My idea was creating an object that was elegant and understated. Therefore I was truly and deeply inspired by the women’s world. Elegance is woman. After my opinion, there is nothing more rare nor beautiful than a woman being elegant. Elegance as virtue of fineness and expressions, understated balance, style, grace, sobriety,  avoiding opulence and extravagance.

Thus was born Mademoiselle, trying to enclose in an object the graceful attitude that stands behind a pearl necklace and a little black dress.“ – explained Nicola Grandesso.