“When I started to work on this new chandelier, my idea was creating an object that was elegant and understated.

Therefore I was truly and deeply inspired by the women’s world. Elegance is woman. After my opinion, there is nothing more rare nor beautiful than a woman being elegant.

Elegance as virtue of fineness and expressions, understated balance, style, grace, sobriety,  avoiding opulence and extravagance.

Thus was born Mademoiselle, trying to enclose in a chandelier the graceful attitude that stands behind a pearl necklace and a little black dress.“ – explained Nicola Grandesso.

mademoiselle is a collection of chandeliers and wall lamps available in the following colours: milkwhite and clear glass with gold leaf; black and clear glass with gold leaf. Shade in white or black silk, internally polished gold. Gold structure.

Handmade Murano glass. Customizable dimensions, colours and number of lights.