Its name is Levante – absolutely one of a kind


Francesco Dei Rossi introduces a very special chandelier.

" ... I tried to design a chandelier , in its original and authentic dimension, representing the style of the Venetian tradition recreated using ancient techniques in order to relive the excitement of the object illuminated by the light for which it was created . At the same time the use of led lights allows everyday use also illuminating the chandelier from the inside, which emphasizes its decorative value . "

Francesco Dei Rossi, the Art Director of the maison describes his latest rétro chic creation. Nothing is left to chance, starting from the meticulous handwork of all parts of this magnificent chandelier for an overall effect studied in the minutest detail. Levante is thus only the latest of a long series of lighting fixtures that dare to go beyond the classical canons traditionally associated with chandeliers in Murano glass.

Seductive and functional but first of all elegant and refined with only shades of gray and crystal, adds a touch of class to any environment that dares to stand out and surprise with unique interior design solutions of pure style.