Introducing Cannettata: the perfect lamp Massimo Iosa Ghini for DE MAJO


We are proud to introduce You Cannettata: a lamp characterized by an unmistakable personality which fuses design and technology that glorify mutually at point to become as one.

We wanted to make un environmentally friendly lamp but without renouncing the unquestioned attention for the perfection and harmony that marks us all along. We do believe that we have managed to achieve our goals: Cannettata expresses perfectly indeed our devotion to design and combines at the same time a mix of advanced technological solutions.

Born of the creative inspiration of one of the most successful Italian designers, cannettata combines intuitions and solutions that permit us to justly define it as “unicum”, an exemplar specimen in the scenario of decorative lamp manifacture, with that particular design balancing between classical and contemporary, the most authentic “quantum” of Massimo Iosa Ghini’s creative design.

In the purity of high quality glass, in the practically of its height adjustment system, in the cost-wise consumption afforded but the LED lighting, the Cannettata lamp proves to be perfection itself. Suitable for the most varied contexts of décor and style, with the decisive imprint of its personality.