“Goutte” on the set of the new spring/summer DE MAJO campaign


There is however another idea that the Maison wanted to explore and relay with these flashes based on an unusual approach, attempting to lightly touch and capture for an instant the irresistible architectural fascination of a furnace.

An architecture that is at times decadent and yet at the same time sublime, to which also the recent renovation has restored deserved respect, leaving the fascination and expressive force absolutely untouched. It is no easy task to narrate the magic one breathes in those places that never change over the years, dark and sombre but nevertheless so charged with feelings of peace and safety, since these are places little known to the collective imagination.

The images give body to an atmosphere at times unreal and yet profoundly malleable and vivid. A veil of poetry polishes up the images but without attenuating the enchantment of a greatly fascinating beauty. These are images that can overturn and re-propose a system of surprisingly altered aesthetic values with an intrinsically high and complex narrative potential.

Ample space therefore to the style and to the manners typical of a place dedicated to thought and solitude, able, with its smoke, heat, mists and vapour, to recollect the scenes of everyday life with profound emotions.