Excelsior Hotel Gallia opens today: a luxury hotel collection, a glittering reflection of Milan


Originally opened in 1932, this hotel has been fully renovated by renowned Milanese architect Marco Piva. Behind this sparkling hotel’s iconic Art Deco façade are elegant restaurants and lounges, an expansive spa, and stunning meeting venues.

The hotel features an extraordinary collection of 53 suites including the unique four-bedroom Katara Suite, Italy’s largest at 1,000 square meters. All interior décor was curated in Italy, delivering an indigenous, stylish experience throughout the hotel.
DE MAJO, worldwide known manufacturer of high-end lighting fixtures, has produced for Excelsior Gallia Hotel 10 different types of lights for a total amount of 51 lamps.
Almost each lighting fixture has a bespoke design with the aim of responding to strictly functional  needs but first of all  in order to fully embrace the style and the mood defined by Studio Marco Piva.
DE MAJO produced lights for several areas of the hotel: restaurant on the ground floor, suites, spa area with swimming pool annexed but also for the focal point of the building and its large central staircase down which develops an impressive bespoke chandelier 25 meters long.
The historic staircase of the hotel has been enhanced with a 25 meters long waterfall of lights and consists of 180 square tubes made of satin white artistic glass. The 180 glass tubes  are each  85 cm high and placed at different heights through the electrical wires to get to compose a striking and dramatic chandelier that measures 3.40 meters x 3.40 meters at the base and 25 meters high. The magnificent chandelier has a final aesthetic effect similar to an inverted cone. A cone weighing over a ton, or 1,200 kg of fragments of light and glass that alternate harmoniously to give an exceptional welcome indeed.

“A project like the one that saw the Studio Marco Piva engaged in the renovation of the historic Gallia Hotel in Milan is certainly to be counted among those who will remain as bold interpretation of a style (Art Nouveau) to bring it back, with due respect, to a contemporary elegance that interacts nicely with a structure built about a century ago.
Even the choice of lighting fixtures, which involved our company, was definitely amazing.
Considering the typical style of the building, the modernity of the light installations does not contaminate, but rather aggregates the architectural solutions and the decor of the rooms.
A challenge that only a great architect could run and win.” – commented Lucio de Majo, CEO & Owner of de Majo Illuminazione.