DE MAJO unveils Vivace - a sublime whisper


The refinement of the eclectic references with wraparound shades of black and milk white.

The conceptual path traced by Vivace explores the horizons of stylistic lines able to draw from sinuous shapes, intrinsic to Murano glass, and its rich, vibrant color effects. The original idea of ​​construction concept  is a sort of a physiological evolution of some DE MAJO’s models which are all fruit of a revisited heritage - an integral part of DE MAJO’s conceptual style.
Vivace presents a variant of the double glass, widely used in the twentieth century, so-called " incamiciato " mouth blown and made
​​of two overlaid  layers of glass in order to enhance the overall aesthetic value. As result of two thoughtful and brilliant minds as those of  Francesco Dei Rossi and Lucio de Majo, this new suspended luminaire is addressed to those who appreciate a relaxed atmosphere and décor, both cozy and welcoming. Vivace glides gracefully between the aesthetic perspectives of the past but especially faithful to historicisteclecticism which stands for an inseparable design between expression and meaning.

“The challenge posed by conjugating a creative tension, free of all stylistic limitations, committed to safeguarding traditional Murano glass values, focuses as always on the Island’s productive vision and in particular on that of de Majo, working for this since 1947.

Nowadays more than ever, it is vitally important to draw copiously from the heritage of skilled craftsmanship, placing it at the disposal of those that know how to use it to enrich their creativity and their designing capabilities. Vivace is a meeting point balancing between the Murano language and that which we could define as expressive minimalism.

In this chandelier, the generous opulence to which, almost as if by vocation, the Venetian world has never been able to renounce, has been combined with a symbolic “stripping” of every superfluous element, attaining a svelte design with softly formal geometry and unrestrainable cultural refinement. In this context, the opulent concept becomes transformed from ornamental generosity into a sort of spirited, passionate harmonious vivacity.” - added Lucio de Majo.