Maria Grazia Rosin


Maria Grazia Rosin was born in Cortina d’Ampezzo in 1958. She graduated at Tthe Academy of Fine Arts in Venice under the guidance of the famous painter Emilio Vedova. For several years she devoted her life to painting and in 1992, became interested in glass. The success recorded in this area led her to work with the skilled artisans of Murano glass. Her first art works were characterized by the use of coloured paste, worked out in strong and hazardous chromatic matches. The art of Rosin is characterized by a strong imagination and irony contaminated also by bright colors, resulting in a harmonious meeting between the Murano glass art and Pop Art. The Art Collection created for DE MAJO contains forms and colors that radiate sensuality and curves which find in the glass their natural exaltation. The chandeliers in unique pieces like Veneggiano, Vendedig Pom Pon, Africa Pom Pon and Organioptical are the expression of the idea of relaunching the Murano chandelier, changing from its original tradition, subverting the rules, spirit, dynamism; ferry from traditional to modern, from classic to futuristic, from craft to art.