Maestro Cristian Ballarin


He was born in 1980 in Marghera (Venice). In 1994, when he was only 14 years he approaches almost casually one Murano glassware where grows professionally. He starts working as an apprentice to become “serventino” and finally, after years of dedication and commitment under the watchful eye of the Master Daniele Biasin becomes servant. In 2001, he began serving the profession of servant at one Murano glass factory where he met Master Luciano Viano who recognizes in him his heir. After years of training in the role of "schoolmaster", 2008 marks the turning professional and he begins to manage his own team, or so-called "square" as the first Master of chandeliers for DE MAJO. A solid relationship and mutual gratification that led to the creation of true works of art in the form of Venetian chandeliers.