Francesco Dei Rossi e Lucio de Majo



Born in Venice in 1962. He obtained his studies at the Art Institute of Venice and the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. During his studies he worked with the Fucina degli Angeli, under the supervision of Egidio Costantini, following the activities and making his own glass works. From 1985 he started his profession as a designer and developer, working with various glassware. He currently works for DE MAJO where he signed several collections. The son of a Master glassmaker, maintains a strong bond with the family art. His inexhaustible creativity is reflected in both contemporary and traditional designs. A complete artist who signs one of the most popular Venetian chandelier of all time, the magnificent 8000 and guesses, in the meantime, creative solutions for contemporary lines- as confirmed by Otto x otto.



Born in Venice in 1946 and graduated in law. As a child he attended father’s furnace and observed the work of masters. In the early 70's, the passion for glass leads him to the great artist Ezio Rizzetto that conduces him to the difficult mediation between art, design and production. In 1979, the death of a father- certainly one of the most enlightened entrepreneurs that Murano ever had, embarks on a path of continuity and renewal business. In the 80's / 90's a set of encounters profoundly marked his vision of art applied to glass: as the one with the Japanese artist Yoichi Hoira and those with great teachers like Toni Zuccheri, Vittorio Ferro, and Fulvio Bianconi. The knowledge of Egidio Costantini and the having experienced his Fucina degli Angeli, allows him to experience a brand new artistic format: the mediation between the great painters such as Picasso, Ernst, Chagall, Arp, Fountain and the teacher. In the late 80’s he devoted himself to historical re-interpretation of some lamps that marked his childhood memories: Peroni and Memory were born then- even today some of the company’s bestsellers.