Francesco de Majo


Born in 1994, completed my secondary studies in Italy, before moving to london in 2014. Currently in third year at Kingston University, Interior Design (BA).

Always had a very creative mind, which, in my profession, is aided with CAD programmes, which I am extremely confident with. There is no threshold between my ideas and my designs: There is nothing i can think of that I can't translate into paper, and then into a design scheme. Passionate about programming and computing, enthusiast about rendering techniques.

I think of design as the fine line that separates art and science: Design has to be wonder. An interior has to communicate way beyond formality, and has to inherit the correct identity through a study of precedents and an informed list of inspirations, depending on the brief.

I think of myself as an extremely resourceful individual, who has the ability to take a job seriously, and to complete it with the most creative of solutions.