Ducezio Palace

Why give our Ninfa di Noto chandeliers to the city of Noto?

The genesis of the project is linked to personal memories of the designer, who was born in Rosolini.

The memory is of the illuminations that decorate the course known for the feast of the Patron Saint Conrad. The memory is a clean and simple elegance. These artifacts are related to the preparations of the Baroque period- the bright rings were holding glasses of glass containing oil and a wick, the Nymphs.

It began as a search for Nymphs of known or at least the above photographic evidence of the time. Seems to have fallen into disuse and many no longer remembered their preparation for the Feast of St. Conrad. In August 2006 we were able to find only one photo of the last setting of the early 90s of last century.

In 2007 celebrates 60 years. Noto, Unesco World Heritage city regains its most representative monument, the reopening of the cathedral after the fall of 1996.
Given the coincidence in time, donating to Ducezio Palace, the city hall, a chandelier that is intimately tied to it as a design, seems more than a good purpose for celebrating the 60 years of DE MAJO activity.

The city of Noto was so equipped with chandeliers made ​​in Murano, Murano glass, whose inspiration comes from the tradition of the Nymphs.