Gstaad Palace

Collection dedicated to the ancient capital of Kabylie, Algeria, the Arab Bejaia, Bugia in italian-famous in the past for the excellent quality of his beeswax.
A tribute, this collection, the city that for centuries has provided the raw material for the production of candles to light the homes of old Europe, contributing in parallel to the rich production of candlesticks.
The chandeliers in this collection are the classic setting of the Venetian chandelier, but have a singularity, the presence, among the usual sinuous arms of the tradition of four vertical arms, as "candle", which characterize them unequivocally, giving the lamp a unexpected vertical shooting, as soon dampened by the presence of silk shade.

Our Bugia becomes the absolute protagonist of this hotel by a thousand and one nights. We are proud that a great hotel with luxury tradition located in the suggestive surroundings of Gstaad has chosen Bugia in its light and dark versions, thus creating a truly relaxing and exclusive atmosphere