Heritage of creativity and tradition

DE MAJO IIluminazione was first established at the end of the second world war by Guido de Majo, who, having left his native Naples, moved to the Lagoon, and in 1947 founded his first glassworks on the island of Murano. Right from the first moment, although small in size, thanks to a discerning company strategy committed to product quality, this company played an important role in Murano glassmaking, becoming, in just a few years, a solid and consolidated industry.

By focusing on quality our brand has always seized the new and exciting opportunities created in the glassmaking industry. In the 70’s design became an important element in production and DE MAJO was one of the first companies to invest in this concept and introduced alongside the traditional high-quality crafted products, a standardised range expanding its own market considerably.

Future Ahead

Young designers have been given freedom and the opportunity to express their creativity with the aim of achieving the best results possible, combining creative skills with the need to offer a standardised product which encompasses essence and design coherence between appeal and product efficiency and performance at the same time.

This company has always focused on the importance of the production process, and in the forefront has adapted the production chain to satisfy safety requirements in the workplace and to protect the environment. Aware of a singular heritage, the tradition of glassmaking on the island of Murano. A tradition which is the envy of the world and which we feel responsible for and proud of at the same time. This market still remains the excellence of our production.

A longside the traditional production of Venetian chandeliers which still maintain their appeal, we have introduced ongoing research to offer new expressive designs which draw creativity from the immense Italian cultural heritage. "Exercises of style" which are not groundless but aimed at enriching the expressive parlance of the art of glassmaking with new life enhancing all the possible expressions of a fascinating and time-honoured art.

Art is above all the joy of "doing"

DE MAJO was founded at the end of II World War  by the will of a Neapolitan who moved to Venice willing to capture the spirit of those years of formal rebirth and renewed productive ferment.
The origin of the company was and still is the Murano Island where over the years grows by feeding on the collaboration of experienced and enthusiastic workforce, by feeding on the innovative capacity of artists and designers  able to capitalize on a culture steeped in the tradition and experience. Over all looms the personality of the founder, Guido de Majo, model of entrepreneurial vision. Large values which ​​after 65 years of business characterize the company's vision are the result of those ingredients.

The bases of the guiding principles are Ethics and Art.

Ethics for DE MAJO declines primarily in the desire to not override the reasons of others, in the belief that feelings should be respected, that the diversity is a value ​​could never be a limit. For us, Ethics is also declined in the care of the land, the welfare of all, the air around us, so dear and fragile waters of the ecosystem of the Venetian lagoon.
In this way art and design compare and merge. A combination that is self-sustaining and complementary,  a combination of loyalty to the stylistic rigor and freedom of interpretation.

For us, the Art consists in the need to assert the ability to express a concept through a simple artifact so that can radiate charm and emotion.


For DE MAJO the "sign" is almost more important than  design: simple lines, formal balance and proportion research are the hallmarks of the lamps that are born from the genius of the designers that perceive with startling immediacy the aesthetic and artistic vision of the company. The taste for beauty, understood as  inner harmony, blends with the explicit one belonging to our creations- making that way the combination of art and aesthetics: the visionary element of the company.

Art for us is above all the joy of "doing", as the poetry of everyday life, distilled immediacy that should not resort to interpretive acrobatics. Art as a message of good will, commitment and memory for future generations.

Italian Excellence
Custom Lighting & Special Projects

Since 1947, DE MAJO preserves and interprets  the ancient Murano glass manufacturing techniques. The past and the future come together in an original dimension where the preservation of timeless elegance meets the continuous search for new shapes and style expressions.

At DE MAJO, the technological innovation meets genuine artistic creativity to respond with practical solutions to real needs without sacrificing the attention to  refined aesthetics – an element that has always distinguished our business vocation.

Experience and passion, research and unmistakable style join quality materials carefully identified for permits us to anticipate the needs and customize the product up to the smallest detail.

The decidedly hybrid character lines in the international lighting scenario has made the company a reliable partner for both contemporary and traditional design. Nevertheless, there are endless stylistic influences between the two stylistic cuts and the reinterpretations of expressive language: elements that best express the versatility and company skills.

The company is characterized by a set of interconnected and highly specialized departments that assist architects offering a professional contribution in all phases of the process, from design and development of the project to, where it is required, on-site assembly.

Partner of choice in more than 90 countries around the world with the ability to provide flexibility, quick solutions and responses, advice and assistance in all phases of the project. The wide range of lamps and luminaries of both industrial production and fully customizable allows to find the ideal solution for multiple contexts of furniture and interior design styles in a single company.